Windows “ATE”

And finally after a long wait (wait to get the OS downloaded).
Yeah, my internet speeds suck and so do of most South Asians’.
Well this post ain’t about internet speed analysis. It’s about my first impressions on Windows® 8.


Much talked is Windows® 8 about the Metro® user interface. What’s even more striking is its smooth transition. They’ve pulled it off perfectly. For the previous Windows® users is the desktop interface. For the newbies, the Metro® is just unavoidable. Its crude and simple interface elucidates it clear enough, even to get a native desktop user to hook to it. But never the less, Metro® ain’t good enough. If not powerful enough. The desktop interface just resembles the Windows® 7. Doesn’t seem to have much work on it. The other features such as Messaging and Mail, S U C K. Could be because I am using a Pre-Release version of Windows®. But still the same, Microsoft had always been bad at supporting other third party services.

Certainly an OS for tablets. And if you think it’d be a competitor against Apple… Hold back. Not even close. Not that I’m an Apple supporter, but still, that I’ve seen it, Apple is pretty good at end user satisfaction, which Microsoft has failed. And mobile platform should be better than this. I haven’t used though.

You can see the traditional start icon missing
[And if you’re wondering about the wallpaper, it’s Dell Venue Pro, one I wanted to buy. Wallpaper because, the “Law of Attraction” compelled me to!]

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