Steer II

Here comes another break, and with it comes yet another… ?? … breakthrough?.. 😀
Anyways, I’ve finally managed to read the accelerometer(?!!) data from my laptop!..
Accelerometer in a laptop?” you ask?.. well yea, most of the HP laptops and a few Dell ones apparently have an accelerometer to make sure that the HDD read-write head does not damage (or get damaged ) due to a sudden jolt, which might at worst cases render the HDD waste!
One thing that has baffled.. Okay yea an overstatement. One thing I could not figure out since the day I’ve found out that my laptop has got an accelerometer and that pretty much all the HP laptops do, is that why haven’t people used it to build something cool?!!
If not dedicated programs, just make virtual devices linking it to a steering wheel maybe?!
And yes, I’m trying to do the same (with little success though! :D)
Here’s the second phase. (The first one was discovering that I had an accelerometer at all!!)

P.S.: : I’ve realized (a little late though!) using the laptops is not as comfortable as lifting and turning around a tablet or a phone!! Especially if yours is a 2.6 kg one!
But still, there must be some cool application of it. THERE MUST BE!..

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