Life is Rain

It was ought to be an occupied weekend. But you know how the brain works. The worst kinds of distractions occur when you’re supposed to be focused on the task at hand!

So I was “preparing” to start the research on what I was supposed to know for the summer internship program. “Preparing” I was for over 10 hours. Every little [irrelevant] thing seemed interesting (and in my defence, they were all interesting)! With me goofing around for way too long came the afternoon. It was dark. The weather!  The weather was dark and was quiet!
It was very calm and peaceful, just the right amalgamation to trigger the nature admirer in you! And soon it started pouring. It was a little windy too. I went to the balcony to admire the rain (an admirer that I had now become!). Then I saw the tiny droplets. They were spherical, like a pearl, unlike the other heavier droplets. They were tiny, but not puny. The life of a raindrop is to reach the earth from the skies. The heavy raindrops are focused. They reach home, the earth the fastest, but what about all the grandeur, all the magnificence that they have missed as they journey from the heavens to the mother earth? Sure they might be a whole lot faster than the tiny pearly droplets, but how good is that really?
Life is like that. The lighter (and simpler) the life is, more freedom you feel. I know I might sound a little trippy but, you stumble upon new ideas only when you let yourself free. Only when you can take your time out to look around and admire what lays in front of you, to explore what is hidden from you, and to question what is beyond you. Only when you drive yourself towards the destination without missing out the journey. Only when you be that little carefree droplet.

P.S.: Too much of this would just be goofing around and I’ve realised that it’s not all that desirable! Oh and if you’re wondering on why does it rain like it does, this here might be a good place to start!

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