Ranks and Cinema!

“Everything shows up now”, says Prasad sir, “horrible performance and your ranks”. Do we care? Yeah we do! Do we follow? For a while, er, yep!
Studying so hard we were, me and Mohan, that we wanted to take a break. A break from this vicious circle of stuffing our brains! So the consequence is, 100% Love, in Prasads! Oh wait, isn’t that the movie you always wanted to go?..hell yeah! I coveted my cousins going off to the movie!
I wish my exams were soon over. I’d never foreseen this situation! Know what? Went to a movie!
Yeah. 100% Love! The movie was kinda good.
The director seems to have 100% confidence on the title. But it’d honestly make more sense with 100% and Love! They’d been portrayed as two different things. Or maybe, I couldn’t make a connection. Story was pretty fine, while, the storyline seemed not that great. Tried making two distinct phases. Before and after the half. Before the half was a comedy, after the half, a serious flick! Couldn’t really manage well with that! SSC first, Inter first, EAMCET first, he, Naga Chaitanya, as Balu, will be high up in the air till this girl, MahaLakshmi, Tamanna, enters the scene! He finds himself troubled and in an awkward situation! The rest of the movie is his ego, and his career obsession. But by the end they somehow cover up the whole story, saying all the drama was for the love. This rather spoils the beauty of the movie!
I would, but say, it’s a good watch, ignoring some technical aspects and possibilities, which very rarely, a Telugu movie satisfies. It is a good watch, when you got enough time, and no EAMCET in the coming week!
All the very best people. For everyone, not just people writing the crappy EAMCET!..
All the best with you life!
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Angels and Demons

Author : Dan Brown

Country : United States

Language : English

Genre(s) Mystery, thriller fiction

Publication date : May 2000

Pages : 480

ISBN : ISBN 0-671-02735-2

Preceded by : Digital Fortress

Followed by : Deception Point

Being read the second novel of Dan Brown, I started to feel like nothing is impossible! (the same feeling Langdon carries on till the last moment!) When I started off the novel it seemed the very same as The Da Vinci Code, a brutal murder at the beginning, Langdon called up for some help and so goes on! But however, as I read on the pace was really thrilling and I could not help but read!! I’d however not suggest you not to read the book, but I found this out interesting for the time being because I was way too bored to do any job!!