Windows “ATE”

And finally after a long wait (wait to get the OS downloaded).
Yeah, my internet speeds suck and so do of most South Asians’.
Well this post ain’t about internet speed analysis. It’s about my first impressions on Windows® 8.


Much talked is Windows® 8 about the Metro® user interface. What’s even more striking is its smooth transition. They’ve pulled it off perfectly. For the previous Windows® users is the desktop interface. For the newbies, the Metro® is just unavoidable. Its crude and simple interface elucidates it clear enough, even to get a native desktop user to hook to it. But never the less, Metro® ain’t good enough. If not powerful enough. The desktop interface just resembles the Windows® 7. Doesn’t seem to have much work on it. The other features such as Messaging and Mail, S U C K. Could be because I am using a Pre-Release version of Windows®. But still the same, Microsoft had always been bad at supporting other third party services.

Certainly an OS for tablets. And if you think it’d be a competitor against Apple… Hold back. Not even close. Not that I’m an Apple supporter, but still, that I’ve seen it, Apple is pretty good at end user satisfaction, which Microsoft has failed. And mobile platform should be better than this. I haven’t used though.

You can see the traditional start icon missing
[And if you’re wondering about the wallpaper, it’s Dell Venue Pro, one I wanted to buy. Wallpaper because, the “Law of Attraction” compelled me to!]

Review: Narayana


This is what happens when you’re in Narayana!…
It’s been like…er… let’s see… my last post was in June. and now, its November!….
It just seem to be the half year. Feels like it’d been just yesterday that I have started my long term course!!
And no, Narayana ain’t so sadistic. There are a few exceptions(which none can escape!)…. like our principal!!..
What baffles me is how the time passes…. Six months seem like a week, while a closer look at a week would give a feeling of a month’s time!
Just that I’m not used to all the hustle. The first week!!!… I’m sure I wouldn’t have worked so in a month!!!
Apart from the time ambiguity, and the stuff the “princi guy”(yeah, that’s how I usually refer him to!!), says and DOES(!!!) everything else is going very well… and when I mean well, I really do mean it! 
Talking about my academics, I’ve finally found that I’m not dumb at all. Now that’s a huge boost to my self-image (reminds me of “The Frog and the Nightingale”, by Vikram Seth (if I’m right about the poet :!)!!!)
Initially I had a hard time competing with those who had their days spent in coaching centers the past two years.  But wait!!! I’m no ordinary person… within months I caught up the wind!!… though I’m still struggling, but not at the base. I’ve still got many weak points. And obviously, this course I’ve taken up IS TO resolve them.
Now, talking about the time I spent there, they were horrible!!! Horribly good!!! I like this place only for it helped me find myself. Like a lotus enchanting the marsh!!! Obviously I’m exaggerating! The worst part, you can’t wear anything except FULL PANTS. Now that’s real craziness.
People I’ve found are good. Again, except the princi guy!.. there are some things to know about him. He SUCKS. No, that doesn’t make it. I want something intensified. That idiot, calls people, boys homosexuals, just because they were found listening to music lying on a bed. And the way he trashes people… you’d be so totally “mesmerized”. You’d wonder how famous India would have become, if at all he participated in middle-weights!!!
Show me his palms not shaking, I’ll join off al-Queda, for sure!!!…
And because he annoys me, I do things to annoy him(of course, with him not knowin it’s me!). I’d not be alive writing this post, if at all he had any idea of where his missing permission pads would go. And forgot to mention this one thing!! We gotta get permission for US to go out. The first time he’d be like “No”. So you explain him why you have to go out. It’d be a big “NO”, again. Then if you really wanna go out, you’ll have to keep all your self-respect aside for the moment and BEG him to let you go. You might get a PROBABLE answer of “Yes”. If not, you suck at convincing people. Then after the princi guy leaves, you call your parents to let you go. With parents’ consent the warden guy (BOTTU), would leave you out. With a broad smile you step out. The next day, it’ll be awaiting ya!! The princi guy’s bashings!!… yeah, the bottu guy wouldn’t just let it go. It has to get to the princi guy’s notice, just because you’re not bottu’s fav!!! And the princi guy woulnt bang everyone. Not the toppers, not the ex-MLA’s son(sorry ra!), and not the “garabhanga penchina koduku”!!
Amongst all the crappy shit politics, the quest is to find the KEY TO HAPPINESS. And that being, just minding your own business.
P.S.: I so hate to put the logo up on this page 😐  Just to warn people! 😀

The best educational system yet. Yeah, satire.


Well. Here I am. Bitching more about the crappy system of Narayana like institutions.
As proposed, went to check out the options and details about the long term coaching. And as expected, they were real mean. “No, sorry. We can’t get him on board. We need students who have performed well in the previous exams.” I ask, what the heck would they do to people who’re already elevated? Use them to make money? Hell yeah. They’re no better mature than an average school kid. The only thing that’s changed is the greed the whole of the devil mind is directed to. Towards MONEY. The DEMON. The root of all the evils.
Abbe, understand our damn problem. My family can’t before another house here. They can’t direct half(more than half actually) of their attention towards me for yet another year. Sometimes, I wish life was a fairytale. It isn’t. Had some problem believing it. Not anymore. They ain’t no fools.
They have a huge mastermind behind the drama. Well I realised, this is how it works. The principle of their institutions.
What happened today was real annoying.
They have it so clear. All the institutions are different bodies. There’s no real relation between. The fee structure wouldn’t be the same everywhere. The rules wouldn’t be the same. Ask then about the other Narayana campus, “It’s their will. Depends on what they choose”. There’re nothing that’s relating one to the other.
Except. Except for the name. Yeah. The whole crap is individualistic. But for the success. The “ranks”(they seem to have an entire different picture of the ranks). The success though is shared with every campus. Thus making more money irrespective of where, or who owns the campus. Make an institute named Narayana. I’m sure there are enough number of fools who’d blindly come in to you!
And they feel like they’re on the top of the world. Well Narayana people, YOU ARE NOT.
As Praneeth Chilkalapudi says, jump in a glass of water and die.
And i’m no innocent face too. I’m the most guilty. If I did have a better performance, the life would’ve been much more simpler. So much more happier!

Done =]

Done with the BITSAT.

Feel Factor: Morning session, mine was. Was pretty cool(literally). All day long(the weather). Test, obviously lasted for three hours. 8.30AM to 11.30AM. Was user friendly. Not as expected. And all my plans of trashing their security measures to not allow a fake substituted candidate failed. MISERABLY! Not that I wanted to. Just that, that’s how my mind works. How to push the system astray. Sadistic mind!!! :p
And one thing I found amusing was, the picture they took at the center and the one in my hall permit card, they were so similar. So similar that my shirts matched too!!
Center: BITS Campus, Hyderabad.Was pretty far. Had a hard time driving the bike back home on the city streets. My left hand fingers still ache with the pain clutching the gears for hours!!! 


Score: 229

Less than expected. Cut off score is supposed to be around 280. Well, it’s beyond my reach. AT PRESENT. Don’t expect the situation to remain the same forever B). As Prasad sir says, the score you get by the end of this year is just an indicator of how much of effort you’ve put in.
And with the work that I’ve put in, not a bad score must say!… No, wait. This sounds more like self compromising. And it’d never lead us any better.
With this slipping out of my hands, the only choice I’m left with is NDA!!!
Work for that, or lose an year!! Doesn’t really matter actually! One year’s not a big deal.
But what I’m gonna lose is what many don’t seem to understand! An opportunity to get into the army at the earliest. Life’d be so awesome!! Go watch Pearl Harbor. Or why a movie, come to Picket, here in Hyderabad alone. All you can do looking at them, is but ADMIRE. DREAM. CRAVE FOR. ASPIRE!!!…(Okay, got no better word. Suggest me with better ideas!!!)
Being done with the mainstreams and having more than a month to go for the NDA examination, I’m clueless right now of what to do’s. And I’m sure gonna be so for a few more days.
Plans now?
Make a post on the recently “brake-opened” MCB. And play football! 🙂 And if possible Basketball!
And most importantly, the job of the day, for tomorrow is, go check the “long-term” options provided by the so called “educational institutions”, like Narayana, or Sri Chaitanya. What I believe is none of them would make any difference. They don’t anyways. All they do is, associate with a “winner”. Give an opportunity to the best. Bring out the “talent”??.. Nay, doen’t apply here!! 🙂
What perfectly makes sense is, bring out the “credit(cash kinda!)”. Okay. Too much of bitching of is bad. Yes. But anyways, I’ll soon bring out a lot. My mates here are with the same idealogies!!! 😀


EAMCET. Ah, seemed so simple!!

There are some things which I had to realise. I did. But pretty well after the original context!!!
Came unexpected, as usually, shocking! And how big a fool should I be that I spend a whole of two hours on math alone. By the end, all I had was five minutes. Yeah. FIVE minutes for chemistry!!!
Now done with my stupidity, I come home to cross check(well, actually I was reluctant, but my bro seemed more interested in the score than I did. mostly cuz I didn’t perform any well!!)
Said that, now all i got to concentrate is on BITS.
And the preparations are are going pretty well!!:)
Hoping for a leap in MY performance!!! 🙂