The best educational system yet. Yeah, satire.


Well. Here I am. Bitching more about the crappy system of Narayana like institutions.
As proposed, went to check out the options and details about the long term coaching. And as expected, they were real mean. “No, sorry. We can’t get him on board. We need students who have performed well in the previous exams.” I ask, what the heck would they do to people who’re already elevated? Use them to make money? Hell yeah. They’re no better mature than an average school kid. The only thing that’s changed is the greed the whole of the devil mind is directed to. Towards MONEY. The DEMON. The root of all the evils.
Abbe, understand our damn problem. My family can’t before another house here. They can’t direct half(more than half actually) of their attention towards me for yet another year. Sometimes, I wish life was a fairytale. It isn’t. Had some problem believing it. Not anymore. They ain’t no fools.
They have a huge mastermind behind the drama. Well I realised, this is how it works. The principle of their institutions.
What happened today was real annoying.
They have it so clear. All the institutions are different bodies. There’s no real relation between. The fee structure wouldn’t be the same everywhere. The rules wouldn’t be the same. Ask then about the other Narayana campus, “It’s their will. Depends on what they choose”. There’re nothing that’s relating one to the other.
Except. Except for the name. Yeah. The whole crap is individualistic. But for the success. The “ranks”(they seem to have an entire different picture of the ranks). The success though is shared with every campus. Thus making more money irrespective of where, or who owns the campus. Make an institute named Narayana. I’m sure there are enough number of fools who’d blindly come in to you!
And they feel like they’re on the top of the world. Well Narayana people, YOU ARE NOT.
As Praneeth Chilkalapudi says, jump in a glass of water and die.
And i’m no innocent face too. I’m the most guilty. If I did have a better performance, the life would’ve been much more simpler. So much more happier!

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