A list of Superstitions!

It’s very disheartening to say that the world wherein such developments take place there still exists place for so many blind believes.
So I thought should bring out a list of superstitions.
They are as follows:

  ‘  When a cat crosses us it is an unauspicious sign.
  ‘  Day dreams are true.
  ‘  Blinking of the left eye is unlucky. 
  ‘  Fire can lessen the pain of the venom of a snake or a scorpion. 
  ‘  Sacrifying animals or sometimes also human beings.
  ‘  Not to give away or take money with the left hand or on friday
  ‘  Not to face legs to the south as it is the direction of death.
  ‘  Going in threes surely brings mishap.
  ‘  Belief in ‘Drishti’, which simply means vision or insight which ultimately affects the person   severely.
  ‘  If someone is going out for something he should not be wished, nor must be asked where he’s going!

We had a survey of the students regarding the superstitions and we have reproduced the results here.

Shashank : It’s meaningless & scientifically wrong.

Naveen : It’s not true.

Akhil : It’s false & I hate it.

Keshav : It’s good to hear but not to act.

Arqam : It’s good! It teach manners like giving money with right hand and eating food with right hand.

Suraj : No emotions, But I hate it.

Venkatesh : It’s of no value for me.

Ravi Raj : Sometimes they turn out to be right, but usually they’re wrong, and we often do not follow ’em

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