The Human Race

They come, They go,
They die, They prosper.
They know that human race lasts not forever.
Long ago, hit the meteorite, and formed a crater,
Leaving behind no life of a dinosaur.
It may again happen in near furure,
But they still try to peer into matter.
Very soon there’ll be the end of our race,
But still they try to keep up the pace.
Instead of living in harmony with nature,
They try to study in wise of a chapter.
I find no mistake in the later,
But surely there’s something wrong in their behaviour.
Humans’ is a young race they say,
They have power and it’s like child’s play.
One day this power certainly brings destructon,
Now they can’t come, they can’t go,
Neither can they die, nor prosper!

-T.Harshavardhan Reddy

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