Angels and Demons

Author : Dan Brown

Country : United States

Language : English

Genre(s) Mystery, thriller fiction

Publication date : May 2000

Pages : 480

ISBN : ISBN 0-671-02735-2

Preceded by : Digital Fortress

Followed by : Deception Point

Being read the second novel of Dan Brown, I started to feel like nothing is impossible! (the same feeling Langdon carries on till the last moment!) When I started off the novel it seemed the very same as The Da Vinci Code, a brutal murder at the beginning, Langdon called up for some help and so goes on! But however, as I read on the pace was really thrilling and I could not help but read!! I’d however not suggest you not to read the book, but I found this out interesting for the time being because I was way too bored to do any job!!

Arms and the Man


Written by George Bernard Shaw

Release date : April 21, 1894

Though this is not such a great book, but provides enough of comedy to kill your time. Bluntschli and Raina Petkoff being the main characters, the play rounds around Belgium and Swiss. It has enough of comedy and sentiments to keep you on reading!!! However it’s a good pick if you are in real search of comedy by Bernard!!

Happy Reading!!

The Da Vinci Code

Author : Dan Brown
Publisher : Doubleday Group (United States),  Bantam Books(United Kingdom)
Pages : 454 (U.S. hardback), 359 (U.K. hardback), 604 (U.K. paperback)
ISBN : 0-385-50420-9

This novel interested me cuz it is a controversial novel, and I’m always interested in what others try to avoid (I guess it’s a common human nature!) Though I read this, I wasn’t sure of understanding it completely, cuz I was still 14 years old when I read it and this was the first novel I have read apart from other children’s novels such as Famous Five and Secret Seven!!

I did not have the book and hence had to borrow from my friend.

Then it took more than two weeks to complete this book. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book with ‘Princess’ Sophie being my fav character, because of her stupidity…juz jokin……….but I recommend you to juz read it!!!