Ranks and Cinema!

“Everything shows up now”, says Prasad sir, “horrible performance and your ranks”. Do we care? Yeah we do! Do we follow? For a while, er, yep!
Studying so hard we were, me and Mohan, that we wanted to take a break. A break from this vicious circle of stuffing our brains! So the consequence is, 100% Love, in Prasads! Oh wait, isn’t that the movie you always wanted to go?..hell yeah! I coveted my cousins going off to the movie!
I wish my exams were soon over. I’d never foreseen this situation! Know what? Went to a movie!
Yeah. 100% Love! The movie was kinda good.
The director seems to have 100% confidence on the title. But it’d honestly make more sense with 100% and Love! They’d been portrayed as two different things. Or maybe, I couldn’t make a connection. Story was pretty fine, while, the storyline seemed not that great. Tried making two distinct phases. Before and after the half. Before the half was a comedy, after the half, a serious flick! Couldn’t really manage well with that! SSC first, Inter first, EAMCET first, he, Naga Chaitanya, as Balu, will be high up in the air till this girl, MahaLakshmi, Tamanna, enters the scene! He finds himself troubled and in an awkward situation! The rest of the movie is his ego, and his career obsession. But by the end they somehow cover up the whole story, saying all the drama was for the love. This rather spoils the beauty of the movie!
I would, but say, it’s a good watch, ignoring some technical aspects and possibilities, which very rarely, a Telugu movie satisfies. It is a good watch, when you got enough time, and no EAMCET in the coming week!
All the very best people. For everyone, not just people writing the crappy EAMCET!..
All the best with you life!
Rating: ★★★☆☆

How valid is this experiment?!!

Being interested in astrophysics, I usually watch all the videos I get just wish I could understand it a bit!!

So when we(me and Kar) came across the term centre of mass, we decided to find a formula to search the centre of mass, when provided with the mass of the two masses.

We started off finding two rulers, a nail and some clay used as masses.

We had no measuring instruments, hence had to go to a nearby grocery to measure the masses!

Found the weights and the tried to find the centre by taking different masses.

We got the ratio of the masses, the centre…………………but then we were struck knowing not what to go further on!!……………and in this way our science experiment was an utter flop!!!!

Just take a look at these stupid notes (with no sense!!)

Fake Interviews . Osama Mr.Bean Laden


Break Fast: Veg. Bullets

Lunch: Bomb Pakoda

Dinner: Atomic Biryani & a glass of Cyanide


Shooting; Fighting; Killing; Bombing;

Spare Time

Teaching small childeren to shoot (and ofcourse to kill).


Peace; Brotherhood; Harmony

Q. What do you think of terrorism?

A. Which’s something good for the growing population of the world. We do good to the world, but the world governments are not understanding us.

Q. What about your team mates?

A. They are good. And the most interesting thing is that when they are angry they kill each other.

Q. What’s ur number of kills?

A. Hey Check out the records.

Reply: Sir its 19,999.

Just one more kill to make 20,000 and here it is (he kills his team mate who read the record)

I’ve got 20,000 Yeah Allah

Others: Hip hip Hurray Hip hip Hurray

Q. What’s ur next Plan?

A. To kill a person!

Who’s that?!!!

That’s YOU !

My Gosh! I’m running! Aaaaargh……………….

What a waste of this Interview without my LIFE.