A list of Superstitions!

It’s very disheartening to say that the world wherein such developments take place there still exists place for so many blind believes.
So I thought should bring out a list of superstitions.
They are as follows:

  ‘  When a cat crosses us it is an unauspicious sign.
  ‘  Day dreams are true.
  ‘  Blinking of the left eye is unlucky. 
  ‘  Fire can lessen the pain of the venom of a snake or a scorpion. 
  ‘  Sacrifying animals or sometimes also human beings.
  ‘  Not to give away or take money with the left hand or on friday
  ‘  Not to face legs to the south as it is the direction of death.
  ‘  Going in threes surely brings mishap.
  ‘  Belief in ‘Drishti’, which simply means vision or insight which ultimately affects the person   severely.
  ‘  If someone is going out for something he should not be wished, nor must be asked where he’s going!

We had a survey of the students regarding the superstitions and we have reproduced the results here.

Shashank : It’s meaningless & scientifically wrong.

Naveen : It’s not true.

Akhil : It’s false & I hate it.

Keshav : It’s good to hear but not to act.

Arqam : It’s good! It teach manners like giving money with right hand and eating food with right hand.

Suraj : No emotions, But I hate it.

Venkatesh : It’s of no value for me.

Ravi Raj : Sometimes they turn out to be right, but usually they’re wrong, and we often do not follow ’em

Fake Interviews . Osama Mr.Bean Laden


Break Fast: Veg. Bullets

Lunch: Bomb Pakoda

Dinner: Atomic Biryani & a glass of Cyanide


Shooting; Fighting; Killing; Bombing;

Spare Time

Teaching small childeren to shoot (and ofcourse to kill).


Peace; Brotherhood; Harmony

Q. What do you think of terrorism?

A. Which’s something good for the growing population of the world. We do good to the world, but the world governments are not understanding us.

Q. What about your team mates?

A. They are good. And the most interesting thing is that when they are angry they kill each other.

Q. What’s ur number of kills?

A. Hey Check out the records.

Reply: Sir its 19,999.

Just one more kill to make 20,000 and here it is (he kills his team mate who read the record)

I’ve got 20,000 Yeah Allah

Others: Hip hip Hurray Hip hip Hurray

Q. What’s ur next Plan?

A. To kill a person!

Who’s that?!!!

That’s YOU !

My Gosh! I’m running! Aaaaargh……………….

What a waste of this Interview without my LIFE.