DAY 2: Breaking Ice

Finally kicked off with the project long dreamt. Automated locking system, cuz we’re too lazy to go up to the door to open it.
The first thing I had on my mind was to use an electromagnet as the armature to lock and unlock. And electromagnets do NOT work on AC… So, I had this brilliantly stupid idea of using the phone adapter.
…to substitute a battery. So what I did was…


…this!.. 😀 So, I plug the adapter into the socket. Control!… Where’s the control for the experiment?!.. After a bit of scrounging through a pile of crap, I find this bulb, rated 250 V 10 W!.. I know this is not even close to a sensible choice to check for a 375 mA output!.. Why not just give a try?… And the outcome?…:D


So, after some more of scrounging, I now find a clock. An alarm clock.


 I pluck the batteries out and connect the terminals. 😐 No surprise. No effect. 😐
Frustrated, I try touching the terminals… 😀 😐 No surprise, no effect again!
And short circuiting?… FAIL…

Can’t stand this anymore. SLEEP… zz z z zz zzz zzz

P. S.:  Why no me?… 🙁

How valid is this experiment?!!

Being interested in astrophysics, I usually watch all the videos I get just wish I could understand it a bit!!

So when we(me and Kar) came across the term centre of mass, we decided to find a formula to search the centre of mass, when provided with the mass of the two masses.

We started off finding two rulers, a nail and some clay used as masses.

We had no measuring instruments, hence had to go to a nearby grocery to measure the masses!

Found the weights and the tried to find the centre by taking different masses.

We got the ratio of the masses, the centre…………………but then we were struck knowing not what to go further on!!……………and in this way our science experiment was an utter flop!!!!

Just take a look at these stupid notes (with no sense!!)